Welcome to my personal place, where I pretend to share How I see the world!

I like the phrase “How I see the world,” it comes from the title of a book written by Albert Einstein, where he shares how he has seen the world.

If we stop a minute to think about it, we’ll realize that everybody has a worldview, and we are all the time sharing it with others. Ask anybody something like “What do you think about …” and you’ll see what happens next. We almost always have an opinion about any subject. If you don’t believe, go to a college bar and do this question for any student you see there…

Sometimes, writing in words what we think and how we see the world that appears in front of us can help us know and understand where we are and where we are going.

With this in mind, the idea is the same as the Albert Einstein book. More than that, I want to share feelings and train my English, so if I commit any English mistakes, please let me know about it and feel free to send me any feedback.

A little description about me:

I am enthusiastic about sports (any kind), I love play dota2 with my friends (especially with the guys from Recife and Curitiba), I love to read books (philosophy financial, scientific divulgation, programming books, medium, etc.), at the moment I am trying to become a better written, in my free time I like to listen to rap and acoustic songs, skating and be surrounded by people I love. Ah, I almost forget, technology and programming languages are my favorites things.

I hope you find something useful here.

Enjoy it.