Welcome to my data science laboratory!!! It is not a real laboratory-like what we see in college, but the idea will be the same. A place to mix elements and see what happens next. Yes, I am talking about different data sources, some already made waiting for us to connect to it, some stolen through our websraping’s scripts.

The primary purpose here is to share code and train my English. Yes, to train my English. I am not a good writer now, but I pretend to become one through these series of posts. So if you a friendly person, feel free to help me on this journey, send me your feedback, correct my mistakes and give me crazy ideas for new posts about data science, and I think together we can become better versions of ourselves.

For most posts, I’ll use the language R, that is my best skill at the right moment, but sometimes I can bring somethings about Docker, Python, Web development, and much more. Currently, I am working as a data science at MadeiraMadeira in Marketing’s team. Something very cool that I learn there was to use AWS and solve the business’s problems, only to model and predict something isn’t enough. We always need to convert this to something in the real world. With this in mind, let’s trying to convert our analysis into business analysis.

I hope that you find something useful here.

Enjoy it.